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immer wieder fuer eine ueberraschung gut, der kerl. von low entropy haette der rezensent nach seinen letzten releases und compilationbeitraegen alles andere erwartet, nur keine maxi mit lupenreinem hardacid & acidcore. insgesamt fuenf tracks fraesen sich auf saeurehaltige weise ins gehirn, sind dabei teils ein wenig an 94er ravesound a la cherrymoon trax orientiert, kopieren jedoch nicht, sondern uebernehmen nur ein gewisses feeling, das schon damals von tonnenschweren bassdrums getragen wurde. weitere tracks bedienen mehr die uptempo-fraktion und machen auf jeden fall die acidheadz unter uns gluecklich.

Untitled double pack on Widerstand by Hamburg’s finest producer. Most of these tracks have been around for literally years on demo CDs and anyone who saw his live PA’s in that period will be able to profess to their passionate power. Although released after the more mature Praxis 36 12“ these are the earlier tracks. Even so they already show a very sensitive producer able to deploy technology to a lethal purpose: Making people go nuts on the dancefloor.
(datacide review)

Somehow, the smoldering waste heap of creation known as New Jersey managed to give birth to a rather respectable hardcore label. While good stuff is abundant, despite the infrequent releases, the real superstar of the label is Low Entropy. I’m convinced this man is really some psychotic cosmonaut who managed to record the ominous, sub-frequency sounds of deep space and just enjoys playing them on occasion.

Hailing from Hamburg, Low Entropy is one of the most exciting young producers of phuturistic breaks and hardcore. A riot of noise and beats in shimmering clear production, Anarcho-Psychotic is aptly named, but nevertheless also features moments of tranquility.
(praxis newsletter)

low entropy crushes everything down with 2 hyperfast, distorted tracks industrial breakcore and one track that sounds like a collaboration of aphex twin (minus chopped beats) and the mover from pcp.

Six tracks that come from all over the map. My current favourite is Flatline, a truly distorted number punctuated with the sort of sounds I associate with extreme speaker damage... Wonderful. A close second is the drum'n'bass-ish Sadstep. On the whole, the three tracks on the a-side are the more agressive cuts, while the flip side ranges from Electrocution (which sounds like some sort of perversion of new wave) to a remix of Knifehandchop's Neuromancer (seemingly a tribute to an old C-64 classic?). 617/666

11 new tracks by one of the leading name of the german breakcore scene. Broken heavy beats, noise and lo-fi tones for an enthusiastic album between broken beats, furious hardcore, catchy rhythms and club madness. Very energetic and welcome.
(ad noiseam distro)

low entropy from hamburg on praxis 36. four tracks of psychotic hardcore. again a vicious mix of industrial electro beats, breakcore, fm synth noise and a good punch of gabba attitudes.
(spb distro)

The latest from the praxis camp, produced by germany's low entropy. One side is ultra fast and noisy breakcore that sounds expecially hurried. The second cut is tyrannic synths and suspenseful strings over stuttering broken beats. The flip's first cut is my favorite, tweaking glitchy electro hardcore beats and overdriven, multilayered strings, comparable to somatics. The final cut is a dessimated noise bit.
(wrecked distro)

The very First album from Low Entropy. Some quiet dark breakcore for the ultimate vison of the Capitalisme. Music facing of the Human Defeat ?
(toolbox distro)

finally a vinyl from hamburg based hardcore & revolutionary low entropy, whom you might know from a discussion on your favourite mailinglist. but seriously, all bitching aside - this is a good record. wellthought, clearly executed & hardhitting mashed up electronic beats & noise for the political breakcore moshpit.

Entropy 4/4 rare music. Very Dancefloor hardstyle Hardcore. Excellent ! Perly !!
(toolbox distro)

erinnert mi an die guete alte waschmaschin partys, wos eim richtig dr kopf gwaesche het
(user comment)

low entropy ripesca la sonorità techno acid di 10 anni fa aggiungendo pesantezza e distorsione. è l'unico disco dritto di low entropy che abbia mai sentito, con poche venature dark ma efficace.
(hydrophonic records distro)

dark/breakcore, un disco downtempo molto cupo e l'altro più pesante e dalle ritmiche serrate
(hydrophonic records distro)

nuovo praxis a cura di low entropy, uno dei musicisti più promettenti reclutato da christoph negli ultimi anni. breakkone distorto e pesante, molte influenze dark in stile zhark/still raven unite a tappeti di synth rumorosi ed atmosferici.
(hydrophonic records distro)

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