Fobia: Sönke, you were there when Breakcore began. Tell us how was it, what was
it all about and what were you all about.

Low Entropy: well, it's always complicated to define a musical field, and i don't want
to make it appear that my point of view is the right one and all others are wrong.
just think of the endless discussions that were made about what defines "true punk"
and what not...
but, there is one thing, that i am one hundred percent sure about.
and that is, that it was a movement, with ideals and goals. one could say it was a
political movement, but the word "political" is sometimes a bit problematic, and many
artists would have probably rejected it, because they were annoyed with the
sloganeerism, superficiality, etc that is often common with politics.
the idea was to radically change society, to tear down everything that oppresses us,
all the bullshit in the world that puts us down or prevents us from living our life
at its fullest.
to spread tracks that make people wake up and think about their lifes and the world
they live in...

Fobia: Why did you stop making music and how was it without it?

Low Entropy: i felt like i was heading towards a dead end. in the beginning, we
thought this movement would become really big, like punk was in the past, and
that more and more people would discover the sound and join us in pushing the
ideas i mentioned above...
but this just didn't happen. and i thought to myself, what was really accomplished in
all the years, does it really make any sense to continue with this sound. i know that
sounds kinda pessimistic... but back then, this was what i felt...

Fobia: What or who made you want to come back?

Low Entropy: i realized that this negative attitude was wrong... a lot has been
achieved by the music; networks of likeminded people developed, we had and have
parties that felt like a dream has been come true....
so, yes, music can make a change. a huge change.

also, for me, this kind of sound is one of the sweetest thing that exists in this
world... i realized i could never leave it for a longer period of time...

Fobia: How do you see your future, is there anywhere you want to arrive or
something you expect to achieve through your music?

Low Entropy: the main thing i am trying to do with my music, is to express my
emotions, and my thoughts...
art can be a form of communication, i think.

one of the ideas i'm trying to communicate, is, of course, that the world we live in is
very very fucked...

Fobia: About your release on Seven Samurai, the "Counterculture" EP talk a little
bit about the tracks and what is inspiring you to produce them?

Low Entropy: with the tracks, i wanted to do the style that i like most again, that is
plenty of use of dark and atmospheric sounds, experimental melodies.
the first side of the record is in a breakcore vein, very distorted, and metallic beats.
the other side is dark ambient, slow, mostly beatless sounds...

there are many inspirations for me, but one thing that always inspired me hugely
was radical social, cultural or philosophical ideas and thoughts...

Fobia: Anything else you would like to add (news, info, plans)?

Low Entropy: two things that should arrive soon:
a CDr of noizecore and speedcore tracks that i made around 2000-2004 that were
unreleased so far, and i've been thinking about making a webrelease of older dark
ambient tracks...
apart from that, i'm of course also working on new music and hope to see more
releases in the future.

shouts out to everyone who enjoys the hard type of sound!

Fobia: Thanks a lot for becoming a part of our history and for sharing again your
music with us!

Interview done by Fobia for Seven Samurai Records.

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