Low Entropy Interview

Signal Zero: The Praxis36 and the Black Monolith 05 are very different. Is this really
the same Low Entropy ?

Low Entropy: yes it is. i've always done different styles of hardcore - speedcore,
breakcore, electro-core, industrial hardcore. i even do ambient and experimental stuff.
praxis 36 was my take on the broken beat genre and that "industrial doomcore" style
as e.g. somatic responses, senical did it...
black monolith 05 is my take on hard techno and hard acid... it's a lot influenced by
old hardcore like early industrial strength, 303 nation(pcp)......
the tracks on bmr 05 are a lot more minimal than those on praxis 36 but i spent more
time on finetuning the elements of each track...
apart from that, id say the releases have a lot in common, theyre both dark and hard,
have the same atmosphere and mindset...
thats what important for me anyways... the emotions, the mindset behind a track, not
wether it has a 4/4 or a breakcore structure or how much bpm it has, and all that
other crap....

Signal Zero: You seem equally at ease playing hardcore or breakcore. Is there one
style you enjoy more than the other ? What do you think of this two styles getting
closer and closer ?

Low Entropy: what do u mean with hardcore, the 4/4 stuff? "hardcore" to me means
all styles of electronic music, breakcore, noizecore, gabba, whatever.
i dont really favor any style over another, as i said above, emotion and mindset is
what matters to me. cheesy breakcore is as boring as cheesy gabber.

Signal Zero: Do you consider yourself as a spiritual son of Fishkopf/Otaku/ Blut and
all the Hamburg hardcore scene, that used to be so productive and inovative a little
while ago ?

Low Entropy: YES! Fischkopf was, is, and will always be my favorite Label. Fischkopf
was years ahead of most other Labels in the HC Scene and in some aspects it still
is. They showed that Hardcore doesnt have to be just BOOMBOOMBOOM but can
be creative, experimental, intelligent...
I'm sure its quite easy to hear the influence fischkopf had on my own music :)

Signal Zero: talking about hamburg, how are the hardcore/breakcore scene in your
city, and in the rest of germany ?

Low Entropy: Small, but good. The hard core in hamburg is a close group of perhaps
a dozen people(not counting the gabbers...). And there are many people who are not
100% hardcore maniacs but dig the hard sound too. At our last party in Hamburg we
had 300 People going mad to the Hardcore. What surprised me was that there were
People there who never listened to hard core before yet they danced to the most
fucked up noize breaks!! I remember when *I* first listened to hardcore even a track
like "extreme terror" was too hard for me until i got accomodated to the hardness!
It really seems Hardcore is gaining popularity these days.
Anyways, you got the old problem: many people would like the sound, but they dont
know about it, cuz MTV, Sony etc are in control and only broadcast the most boring
shit music the whole day...
we're trying to evade this control structure and give the hardcore sound to a broader
audience by doing a monthly radio show on a leftist non-commercial radio station...

as for the rest of germany: berlin and other citys have small scenes too and
individuals who listen to the hard core are probably scattered around the country....

Signal Zero: What do you think of the french hardcore production nowadays, which is
somewhat really different of what we heard a few years back ?

Low Entropy: well there's that stuff that is called "frenchcore" in germany(and i think
in other countries too), which is in my opinion completely boring and bullshit. it's
completely formalic, every track sounds the same, it's not even hardcore because it's
neither hard nor kicking.
hey 1996-style hardtrance was more hard then that music!
i think the producers who do that shit are simply aiming at the dutch nazi gabber
market in order to make a few bucks...
which is a shame because france was always my favorite country when it came to
hardcore... there is still some cool music made in france though, for example i like
k-ni-bal and mars assault recording a lot....
and there is probably some other kicking music made in france that i don't know of

Signal Zero: Do things evolve in the same way in your country ?

Low Entropy: well i already described the underground hc scene here above. most of
the 1995 breakcore producers now do pop music, this sucks too, yeah.
some german gabba producers are now producing "frenchcore" too cuz frenchcore is
a really big thing in the german nazi/hooligan gabber scene now.... not that i'd give a
fuck about gabber producers anyways, gabber lost its spirit around 8 years ago...

Signal Zero: Is your music politically engaged ?

Low Entropy: political is probably the wrong word, it can mean vary different things to
different people. as Wilhelm Reich noted, politics are often just a way to escape the
actual problems in the real world... "shout slogan x, vote party y, wait for revolution
has it ever worked that way? no! in 99% of all cases politix is just bullshit theory
without action. Anyways, music doesnt exist in a vacuum. It is connected to a social,
to a cultural, etc context... Even music that is seen as being "just music, for fun etc"
does. take crap like "kraftwerk" for example. some people call them unpolitical but
their lyrics were completely affirming the status quo; if it wouldnt be such an overused
word, i'd call tracks like "we are the robots" completely fascist.

Erm, to get back to your original question... my music is "engaged" in some way,
it has a deeper content. It tries to tell you to resist, to rise up, to fuck all the fuckers
who are unlucky enough to get in your way, to fall in love, etc... hardcore is the only
music powerful enough to activate your hidden self.
i'm not naive enough to think that my music would trigger a revolution or something,
but i hope it might change some lifepaths to the better...

Signal Zero: What are your present and future projects ?

Low Entropy: right now im working on finishing my next releases for Black Monolith
and Praxis... The blackmonolith one is 4/4 hardcore techno and doomcore, very
My Praxis CD will be a step onward from the praxis 36 release... with praxis 36 i
wanted to merge the 'soundscape' approach with the hardcore dancefloor, the mental
plane with the physical plane... music that draws images in your head, yet kicks your
body too...
the praxis album will be the same, but more perfect, deeper...
i want it to be become my personal sound manifesto... low entropy sound... :)

I'm also working on some more digital breakcore tracks, a bit in the vein of the ones
on my widerstand 13 album, but much more straightforward, pure party music with a
toxic edge.
haven't found a label to release them yet, so if any label guy out there reads this and
wants to put that type of stuff out, gimme a shout :)
i'm also still doing acidcore, mostly around 130 bpm, lots of futurisitic bleepiness and
bassheavy drums.... as above, no label for these tracks yet, so if any label guy reads
this, etc! :)

there will be a CDr release of speedcore/noizecore trax that i played at a hardcore
party in the berlin technoclub tresor. the story behind that release is that i and people
like bakalla stopped doing speed/noizecore after labels like United Speedcore Nation
turned the speedcore scene here into shit through their cheap ass tracks. But after
the people who did the hc party at tresor booked me, i thought, okay, fuck it, i'll do
new speedcore and noizecore tracks again! after all, i think theres still a lot of
potential in that genre...

and something i definately want to do is a dark ambient album... with vocals... the
lyrics will focus on stuff like personal astral travelling experiences, love, etc...

u see, i have lots of plans for the future, and only the future will tell how my lazyness
and busyness interferes with them :)
expect this stuff to surface within the next 2 years...

Signal Zero: How do you see "hard" electronic music's future ?

Low Entropy: a "hard" question, don't you think? :) hmmm, i don't think there will be
"one" future for it, it will probably go various ways... i don't think it will suddenly
become all "big" or something. but it won't die out either. as the old saying goes:
"hardcore will never die". there will always be people who do hard electronic stuff, and
there will always be people who listen to it. there will always be a need for hardcore,
and it will always be there. i sort of agree with zip of coretex and the intro of
"houseparty 10 - the hardcore ravemix" that hardcore can be seen as being similiar to
the rituals and ceremonies of dark mages and witches 1000 years ago. they drew
upon the more underground, dark energy of the human psyche and body too, after all.
so, if we have a history of a 1000 years, shouldnt we have a future of at least 1000
years too? :)

i cant see the future but my personal wishes would be: people should less try to fit in
to some style and some scene! do what you want, try to do something that's better
than any stuff that has been there before!
hard electronic music is often very emotionless - probably because of it's heritage to
regular dance music. i'd like to see more dark melodies, mindbending atmosherics
etc in hard electronic tracks! more females should become involved in hard electronic
music... i think that would really be refreshing! and there should be less people that
just want to hype themselves and more more people who feel the power and the
ideals of the hardcore movements in their hearts(of course the self-hypers are always
the first who will deny such 'ideals' do even exist - "it's just music, after all" they
shout - fuck them! hardcore is much more than just music!!)...

another thing: in the end it's up to us to shape the future of hard electronic music
through our actions!

Signal Zero: about future of hard electronics music : what kind of actions are you
thinking about?

Low Entropy: do partys do zines do radio shows do music spread the word! get
active! the establishment will never help our music, we have to do it ourselves,
everyone can do something to help spreading the sound and the vibe....

Signal Zero: to be more precise, who are the artists you are impressed by, currently?

Low Entropy: hecate and CF, cuz they were always on the forefront of advanced
hardcore electronics, and they still are.
amboss&zombie flesh eater, cuz they advanced industrial breakcore to a level of
extremity that was not heard before. they simply tear the place up.
system shutdown, cuz he understands that the important thing aint speed and
distortion but to reach out into other worlds...
lunatic asylum, cuz he understands the same, and cuz he parted with the stupid
gabba scene and cuz he makes kickass music.
some other artists i respect are the magus, resurrector, retrigger, ,deceptician,
primas annas... and im sure i forgot some people :)

Signal Zero: Ok, thank you Soenke for your patience and for taking the time to
answer. I just let you say the final words..

Low Entropy: hardcore is alive, stay true to your core, and shouts out to all
the wonderful people i met thru this music in the last years!


Anti-Sedative E.P 12" (Blut 06) Acid Massacre 12" (Black Monolith 05)
Anarcho-Psychotic E.P 12"(Praxis 36) Low Entropy 2x12" (Widerstand 13)

Interview done by Dr Venkman for the "Signal-Zero" website.

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