Low Entropy is a 21 year old anarchistic breakcore acid noize gabba
producer from hamburg / germany and has various releases out - labels
like Praxis, Kougai, Blut and Widerstand (soon) - he is known for hard
pogo action at parties and serious discussions - he likes quoting
Hakim Bey.
Eiterherd talked with him about music, furry animals and black colored

Eiterherd: Low Entropy? Why?

LE: Low Entropy is a term out of the area of physics; if u poor milk
into a cup of coffee and the coffee and milk r all twirling around
stuff, this is a state of low entropy while after the milk+coffe
calmed down and formed a monotonic mix, this is high entropy, and i
prefer the first state of things, the low entropy state of things ah
well to be actually honest i chosed "low entropy" cuz i wanted to have
an "Y" in my name dunno why but i really really like the letter "Y".

Eiterherd: You are from Hamburg in northern Germany.. what`s up there?
Did or do you have contact to Fischkopf / Blut

LE: Yes I'm from Hamburg. Whats up here? Well the local scene
basically consists of my+friends... We do a monthly Radio Show, Secret
Basement Partys(hey if u come to hamburg and want to take part, lemme
know) and have lots of fun =)
Apart from that we're doing our first big, official party at march
29th... it's in a quite cool squat location and we will play only the
most extreme and boundary-pushing stuff...
Blut/Fischkopf Possee: Well Hardy from Fischkopf is still around and
is running a record shop, Otaku Records(Blut Records is a sublabel of
Otaku recordings), as far as i know this is the best record shop when
it comes to good hardcore in germany...
but they arent throwing any partys or stuff anymore...
there is aswell a gabber scene in Hamburg.... they sometimes throw
sorta cool partys although the music is often 4/4 only...

[Missing Part]

yeah PCP had a huge influence on my own works... i liked the vibe of
darkness that was in their tracks..... as the mover said "darkness is
not mystical it's your everday reality"... how true!

Eiterherd: How do you experience "reality"? What do you think of the
current state of the world? Is there more "darkness" since 9/11?

LE: the current state of the world... it is shit!!! millions r
starving of hunger, millions r being oppressed, and in the
industrilized countries people are getting brainwashed and sedated by
TV, stupid luxury goods and drugs(stuff like prozac/ritalin is the
worst!) so they dont notice how much they are rotting inside their
soul, their psyche...
"reality"... a quite subjecitve thing, and that subjectivity gives me
hope.... what is considered "reality" today might be considered to
have been just a bad dream tomorrow...
and i think one is able to change reality...
dunno wether there is more darkness since 9/11... yeah goverments are
now taking more control and stuff, but the question is, why dont the
people rise up against this? i think the reason why we have so much
shit in this world is
the same since hundred of years... most humans are fucked inside their
there were some radical psychologists who researched this..... otto
gross, wilhelm reich.... well its a quite complex topic... in the end
people are alienated from themselves, from their needs and desires,
and from their follow beings and this causes a lot of crap in this
of course theres aswell a 'capitalist system' that is feeding on this
and helping enforcing this...
the solution? well id say the first step is that those who are not as
fucked as the "normal people" should stick together and unite and
think up some things... ah well go to my page to read more about
topics like that... http://anarchist.widerstand.org

Eiterherd: I cant find anything under "Politics" at your webpage...

LE: coming soon ***

Eiterherd: you seem to have a lot of tracks up there, though..

LE: is this a question? yes, i have. most of them are sorta unfinished
though, my finished tracks often sound different(better?)

Eiterherd: How much impact on your works and communication has the
internet and how in general do you produce your tracks?

LE: my first tracks had many samples that i downloaded on the
internet.... communication on the net is a cool thing, i prefer
real-life communication though, its less alienated...
the internet is a cool thing though, it really changed my life a lot!
95% of my newer trax are produced with buzz tracker, an awesome
program and its freeware too, hey! plus i use some other soft for
sample editing etc
reaktor is awesome too, for experimental/noize type of stuff
in generally produce my trax by sitting around and generating some
sounds or loading up some samples, and playing around with them,
sequencing them etc until i get some loops
if i like what i hear a lot, ill try to make a whole track out of it
this often takes me a few weeks/months cuz i work on several tracks
the same time plus on new sounds/loops aswell
i think the longest time i worked on a track was like 12 months...

Eiterherd: Which were your main musical influences? How long did it
take you to get satisfied with your own productions?

LE: well when i started making music(winter 1997), my biggest
influence was fischkopf records... and the stuff by ec8or(their first
CD)... aswell as the stuff by stella michelsen(anticore records)....
later, winter 1998, somatic responses send me a tape of their tracks
and their tracks changed my perception of sound... before that i was
mostly focusing on noize, hard beats, sound effects, that kind of
other influences... praxis records/ambush records of course..... as i
mentioned above, miro and mover... biochip c and his other
my acidcore stuff is quite influenced by 303 nation(pcp)
well there are thousands of influences on my music...

Eiterherd: What are your goals for the future?

LE: music-wise: doing more tracks, having more record
releases(hopefully , trying to help making the
experimental/political HC scene grow again, in hamburg and
elsewhere(experimental/political HC is one of the most important
things in my life)...
this might be the right moment to mention the hardsound mailinglist,
this internet mailinglist was created as a forum for ppl of the
international experimental/political HC scene,
me and hardline rekordingz(australia) r planning to do a compilation
with trax from members of that list...
political-wise: being more active, changing more brains, tearing more
rifts into the psychocapitalist powerstructure so that people can
breathe and dreams can come true...

Eiterherd: Family, girls, sports, drugs, videogames?
Food, Lust, travelling, science, people ?

LE: videogames, sports can be fun... drugs... not my kinda thing...
drugs r often used to ppl to temporary break out of the norm... thus i
dont need them, cuz im not part of the norm anyways...
food well yeah food is important too isnt it? girls... sweetest thing
in life? love - the only thing better than Hardcore!
people - most of them suck, dont they? some of them are very cool,
though... thru HC i met some of the kindest and nicest and most
interesting ppl i know...

Eiterherd: you are not part of the norm? How do you define the "norm"?
What do you think about "standards"?

LE: "the norm", thats how capitalist society wants you to be... if u
look up a dictionary it'll tell you: "social norms, the rules of a
society"... in the end theres a dictatorship of "normal people" who
try to force you to become one of them.... the police are part of that
aswell as the psychologists(which are nothing else than the
thoughtpolice)...funny thing is, most people equate normal with
natural... this is bullshit... for example itd be natural to run
around naked, but not normal...capitalist society defines people as
"normal" who are following the rules... i dont want to follow them
rules... therefore im not part of the norm...i'm rather interested in
being myself... btw it should be noted that the normal people are
responsible for all that crap like war, rain forest destruction, etc

Eiterherd: ok.. some people do wrong things and are responsible for
"all that crap". How do you react to that crap?

LE: i make music, which expresses my hate rage against all the misery,
alienation etc and im an anarchist
oh and i sometimes just cry

Eiterherd: thanx a lot for the interview, Mr. Entropy!
may your dreams come true!

Interview done by Eiterherd.

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