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-what is fischkopf?

fischkopf was an experimental electronic hardcore label operating out of hamburg, germany in the 90s.
this page is meant as a tribute to this label and to spread knowledge and awareness about it.

-text about fischkopf

Fischkopf Hamburg

During the 90s, a small scene devoleped, composed of producers and enthuasiasts, who fused together the energy and power of hardcore techno
with the experimentation and creativity of experimental and avantgarde music.
The result was a small but dedicated subculture with an ideology that was very nihilist and very hedonist.
This ideology might be best summed up by the slogan mentioned in the Fischkopf compilation CD: "Sie geben uns nix - wir nehmen uns den rest"
(which could be very badly translated to "They never gave us anything - now we go and take whatever we want.").

Fischkopf was one of the most important labels of this scene. Created in Hamburg/Germany in 1994, it soon attracted plenty of producers,
releasing 25 records between 1994 and 1998. These releases gave the label a rising number of fans and supporters around the globe, until
Fischkopf ceased to exist in 1998.
Some producers moved to other labels, some changed to a different style in music. But for many hard electronic music fans, the sound of
Fischkopf Records is something that has not been paralled elsewhere.

Written by Vanilla Donut, 2008

-fischkopf infos

it seems the for the first four releases, fischkopf was run by a group of people, including dj raid,
who later started cross fade entertainment with paul snowden and christoph de babalon.

during the release 5-24, fischkopf was run by hardy storz. he would later start the label blut records and
otaku records, aswell as starting the otaku record store in hamburg.

it is unknown who ran fischkopf during fisch 25 and fisch 26.

fisch 25 was released over a year after fischkopf had stopped for the first time and hardy had left fischkopf.
after fisch 25 fischkopf stopped again.

there is a testpressing of a record called fisch 26. it is an acidcore / hardacid record. it is not known which
artist created it.

fischkopf was a sublabel of container records, a label that had releases by such artists as gary d. (a well known
trance producer in germany back then).

there were fischkopf t-shirts available, hooded sweatshirts, slipmats and stickers.

at least one fischkopf record (fisch 22) came with a collection of poems, written for the tracks on it.

fisch 25 was done by mathey oliver. originally fisch 25 was supposed to be double 12" by taciturne, but then
hardy left fischkopf. this double 12" was later released on blut records.

several fischkopf parties took place in hamburg while the label was around.

at one point, releases by alec empire and somatic responses were planned on fischkopf. the somatic
responses demo led to the first release by this group, the methods of mutulation EP on CFET.

-fischkopf discography

fisch001         Cybermouse         Surprise Attack E.P.
fisch002         Christoph De Babalon Love Under Will EP
fisch003         Cybermouse         Body Pack 95
fisch004         M.C.P.         Misunderstood Hardcore Machines Vol.1 EP
fisch005         Eradicator                 Shortage Of Oxygen
fisch006         Monoloop         Drum Da Style
fisch007         P. Server                 EP Vol. 1 - Served Strange Effects
fisch08         Taciturne         Potpourri EP
fisch 09         Monoloop         Free Man
fisch010         Eradicator                 I Cum Blood EP
fisch011         P. Server                 Second Serve Of Effects
fisch012         Taciturne                 6 Fragmente In Der Chronologie Des Wahnsinns
fisch013         Monoloop         Monoloop III
FISCH 14 Eradicator                 Agit Prop
FISCH 15 Burning Lazy Persons Fart E.P.
FISCH016 No Name         Strike
FISCH 17 Fields Of Defacement Desorientatet E.P.
fisch 18         Auto-Psy                 Arachnide
FISCH19 No Name         Les Loups Des Trois Lunes
FISCH20 Amiga Shock Force         Psycore Kids Vs Rave-Fascist
FISCH. 21 Burning Lazy Persons Leave Me Alone E.P.
FISCH22 Auto-Psy                 Necrophage
fisch023         Various         Otaku - Slick But Not Streamlined (Vinyl)
Fisch23 CD Various         Otaku - Slick But Not Streamlined (CD)
FISCH24 EPC                 Don't Want To Lose E.P.
FISCHKOPF 25 Mathey Olivier Second Transmission
fisch026         Unknown Artist Untitled

discography taken from discogs. further information can be found here

-where are they now?

christoph de babalon is still doing music and having releases on various labels.
taciturne started the bands "wermut" and "ich wollte ich koennte".
monoloop together with another guy started the hardtrance project "bangbros" and enjoyed quite some
success in the german techno scene with it.
p. server / fields of defacement aka dj choose is having success as a trance / techno producer.
patric catani (eradicator) is doing various projects in various styles.
the michelsen sisters (mouse and auto-psy) are still doing music and occasional releases.
burning lazy persons (naoto suzuki) too is still doing music and having releases.
the speedfreak (m.c.p.) is also still active in the hardcore scene, with plenty of releases in the last years.


fischkopf hamburg slideshow


history of fischkopf records (by pitchless radio)

-more information

issue of orange socks including an interview with taciturne about fischkopf
text about fischkopf (in french)

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