-low entropy's diary

01. first entry

02. i've put three new videos online. these are hard 2, relaxed and 40.
they are a bit minimalistic but i like them anyway.


03. there is a new netrelease by me: 4-4 tracks for the summertime

these tracks are in my opinion a bit more cheerful and party-like than my other stuff, so i think they somewhat fit to the summer.

they have in common that they all (except for one ambient track) have a 4/4 beat.

melo (2010 mix) is a 2010 version of a song i originally wrote when i was 17 years old...
at first i didn't like it that much anymore, because the melodies are not as developed as my later melodies, but it has something that i lost while growing up, and i wonder if i can get it back.

there is something very special about the summer... hot and pitch black summer nights... when you feel so active that you just want to stroll through the city streets forever... or at least until the sun comes up again.


04. a short story that i wrote. sorry, it's only in german.

Gespraech in einer Gruppe

Eine Gruppe ist zusammen. Ein Mensch oeffnet den Mund und will etwas sagen.
Ein anderer Mensch unterbricht ihn.

"Du willst etwas sagen,
doch was du sagen willst ist bedeutunglos.

Es ist entweder zu intellektuell,
oder zu naiv.

Du siehst die ganze Sache zu verkrampft,
oder du siehst die Dinge viel zu locker, das ist ungesund.

Was du sagst ist zu verkopft.
Oder es ist zu emotional.

Du legst der Sache viel zu viel Wert bei.
Oder deine Worte sind viel zu distanziert.

Was du sagst ist viel zu abgehoben.
Oder ist es viel zu schlicht.

Es sei denn du wuerdest etwas sagen, was sowieso schon unserer Meinung entspricht.
Dann wuerden wir dir zustimmen.

Aber ansonsten - sei still und schweige."

06. videos of me playing live are kind of rare... this short video shows me playing at DtoE in 2003...


07. maybe one of the reasons that i do not like pop is because i simply cannot connect to it... pop songs with so called sweet and happy melodies are not happy to me at all... they just feel simple and banal to me... same with non-pop, "sad" songs... if they are done well, they feel interesting to me... but never sad.

08. the first appearance of a track by me on vinyl was "adrenaline junkie" on the biophilia allstars Compilation. It was an 800 bpm speedcore track and at the time of its release(in 1998) one of the fastest tracks available on vinyl. I am still very fond of this release because it grew out of an in my opionion very cool community.


09. what people don't realise is that music is not about the equipment, instruments, or sounds you use... take punkrock for example. in the 70s, electronic equipment was not easily available or accesible. electric guitars had been around for quite a while though. so the punk bands played on guitars and distorted them. but the music was about the energy and aggression in it. they could have played using computers, or on drums only, whatever, and created the same aggressive vibe. (and in fact many punk musicians later turned to using synthesizers). but today people hear the old punk bands, feel the energy in the music, want to make similiar music and then up creating a band with drums, vocals, guitar, like the old bands... but this is wrong.

10. my album "4-4 tracks for the wintertime" is especially important for me. this album sums up all the musical ideas i had lately. one of the things i tried to do on this album is to combine sonic and musical exploration and experimental sounds with an ongoing techno beat.

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