-about low entropy

...born 1980 in Hamburg, Germany. in 1996 i discovered the world of hard electronic music...
and immediately fell in love with it... i never heard music with that extreme energy and passion behind it before...
in 1997 i decided to create music myself... my style back then was mostly experimental hardcore, breakcore and speedcore...
in 2000 i had my first release then, my 12" on Blut recordings.
later that year, Betty Bombshell and me started a show on the terrestrial radio station "FSK" in Hamburg.
the idea of the show was to broadcast music from the experimental and hard music scenes to an audience that might have not much contact with that kind of sound before. Betty left the show in 2001.

there was still a need for that kind of thing in Hamburg; Sampler19 and me teamed up, and we created the "Hamburg Hardcore Radio" show.
apart from playing old and new records and tracks from the hard scenes on air, we also did many all-night shows, featuring a lot of guest DJs. later, The Man Unknown and DJ Escada joined us, and we started a crew that did the radio shows together.

in 2002 a 12" by me was released on Praxis, i was very happy about this release, but i do not want to hype myself here, so i won't say too much.
later that year my 12" on Black Monolith came out, which was again a bit different than my earlier releases, because it was an Hardacid/Acidcore EP.
2002 was also the year when me and Sampler19 started the "All-Out Demolition!" parties in Hamburg. later, DJ Escada and The Man Unknown joined our crew there, too.
the idea of All-Out Demolition! was to create a party series for the extreme, interesting and experimental types of Hardcore and Breakcore - parties for that type of sound only happened very rarely in Hamburg back then.
in 2003, an album by me was released on Widerstand records. but again, i do not want to hype myself too much. the sound was in the various "styles" i produced in so far... breakcore, noize, ambient...

-about my music

the starting point for me were the experimental hardcore, gabba, speedcore and breakcore scenes that existed back in the 90s. over time, my sound evolved to other things too, though.

i like to experiment a lot when doing music, and to try out new ideas and things.
i don't like rules in music and i try to break them.

the feel of my music is something that is very important to me. that is the reason why i use so many melodies, synthesizer sounds and stuff like that.
some people like my old tracks better, when this was not that important to me, but i prefer the new sound.

there was a time when i was a bit bored with hardcore and breakcore. this was when i got interested in doing hardacid and acidcore stuff too. back then, not a lot of people were into this sound, but strangely enough these tracks later became my most known tracks.

avantgarde music has always been very important to me. apart from electronic hardcore, it is the only form of music that i really respect. it has always been a huge influence on my music.

there is a lot of other stuff that has an influence on my music, like movies and computergames.

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